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Making PHP play nice with Oracle, part 1

in PHP, oracle, oci8, ORA-24408

Today I came to work. It being Monday and all, seeing that PHP stopped talking to Oracle (which it was doing wonderfully until Friday), and that all reports are hence broken (which were not until Friday) is not a good start of the week. Add the cryptic Oracle errors, and you're set for nerve wrecking debugging.

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Making Redmine play nice with Git

in Redmine, ruby, passenger, git, gitolite, plugins, scm

Delving into the world of version control while keeping tabs in an issue manager is wonderful - if you manage to actually set it up. I've enjoyed it for some time, and tried to replicate it in my own installation of Redmine - and thus started the hair pulling. 

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Migrating Redmine (or any Passenger app) from MySQL to MariaDB

in Redmine, MySQL, mariadb

I recently tried moving from MySQL to MariaDB, and was truly surprised with the results - everything works just fine, didn't even have to recreate users/databases. Well, everything except Redmine (and I would assume, and other Passenger app).

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Making a connection from PHP to Oracle in CentOS 6.4

in PHP, oracle, oci, centos, 6.4

There are times, when you need to make your app(s) work in a corporate environment. And when you combine corporate with databases, you usually end up with Oracle. In my case, I need to make a connection from PHP 5.3 ( CentOS default ) to Oracle 11g (on a different host). With some luck, this will help others trying the same.

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Resolving .local domains on Linux

in Linux, dns, active directory, local

I recently started working for a big firm, which (naturally) uses Active Directory. The domain is company.local , with useful servers all having the addresses server.local etc. To my surprise, Linux didn't ask for DNS resolution on these names, making it very hard to work. Thankfully, that's simple to resolve.

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When you need a simple site finished yesterday...

in Get simple, web development, cms, quick

Sometimes, I thought that even using a CMS is overkill - mainly when a client wants a website with a couple of static pages, which they want to be able to update on their own. I even made a "mini CMS" of my own, but solving your own bugs on your free time can be tedious. Yesterday I stumbled upon a simpler way - namely, Get Simple.

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M3UPorter , simple app to move Winamp playlist files

I spent about an hour trying to find a simple application to copy the files referenced by my Winamp playlist to a USB pendrive, in order to take them with me. Tough luck, most of them are either missing libraries, or plain not working properly on Windows 7. Therefore, I rolled my own.

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Jailbreaking Apple TV: Getting it to work

in apple, AppleTV, FireCore, Seas0nPass

I'm not even going to list the reasons why you really should (consider) Jailbreak on your Apple TV if it supports it. I'm only going to list the (only!) method that works for me to get the device to the needed DFU mode to make it possible.

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Migrating Chiliproject server

There's always that time when you need to migrate things to a new server. A happy time. Until the only Ruby app on the server refuses to work.

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Using views to show users who flagged nodes... by node.

in drupal, views, flags, templates, users

Flags is a very useful module that allows users to "flag" nodes that meet some criteria (eg type etc). Administratively, it might be of interest to show the users who have flagged a specific node. Unfortunately, that's both tricky and slightly non-intuitive.

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Dealing with checkboxes quickly

in drupal, fapi, forms, checkboxes

I've been working with the Forms API for some time. I've found a very useful shorthand for that today.

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Disabling a checkbox with FAPI without the javascript

in drupal, fapi, forms

Forms API is great, let me start there. However there are some cases where you want to ... ahem, go around it. One such cases is with checkboxes (where you have a number of checkboxes), specifically when you want to alter just one of the set. Here's how to fix that!

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From MySQL to CSV and vice-versa in one query

in MySQL, csv

There are more times than I can count that data needs to go from one format to another, two of the most popular being in a database and another being a text format. In my case, database equates to MySQL, and text format is something that can be derived easily from a CSV file. Thankfully, the whole process is quite simple.

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Automate MySQL database & user creation

in Linux, MySQL, bash

Continuing from the Apache virtualhost article, this is another script that automates the creation of a MySQL database and a user with all permissions to it.

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Scripting Apache virtual host creation

in Linux, Apache, bash, vhost

Virtual hosting is one of the most important things to happen in web hosting over the recent years. It allows a single IP to be associated with multiple websites. Though there are many panel solutions that offer virtual host management, it's nice to know what's going on and even better to actually be in control. The tradeoff is that small mistakes can cause all of your sites to go down until you fix them -- unless you automate.

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FAPI form_alter missing fields

in drupal, cck, fapi, fields, form_alter

There are many occasions in which you would like to alter a form behavior, and it's normally very easy to do -- just implement hook_form_alter and you're done. There are cases though, where fields will be missing, and in those cases, you need a workaround.

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Drupal FAPI multistep errors on required fields

in drupal, error, fapi, multistep

One of the great usability features in the Drupal Form API are simple validators, such as #required. Just set it to true, and Drupal takes care of it. However, when in a multistep scenario, simple validators go haywire since moving to a different step validates the form. Normally, you cannot override form errors within your validation hook... but there's a workaround.

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The great deception of market share numbers

in Google, apple, Android, iOS

This is basically a rant about the whole Android vs iOS issue. I'm sick and tired of people quoting numbers they don't understand, so I just wanted to get a few facts straight.

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Rails Passenger Default User

in RoR, ruby, rails, phusion, passenger

I'm a big fan of Chiliproject, an open source fork of Redmine, a popular issue tracker. However, it is written in Ruby on Rails (RoR), which I am not very familiar with. During installation I got a number of file access errors, which led to the question -- what user do Passenger RoR apps actually run under?

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Getting the value of a CCK field without node_load

in PHP, drupal, d6, cck, filefield, imagefield

More often than not, you'll come to a point where you need a field value of a node. Not the whole node, just a field. The most common case would appear to be when you need an image (say a promotional image). Some ways are easier than others for it, however you need to think of what you are doing under the hood.

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