Customizing search results, hidden treasures

in drupal, search

Drupal has built-in search functionality, and for the most part? It works just fine out of the box. The pain starts when clients ask for customization in the results page -- and a lot of it. After reading a nuber of posts on the net, I finally found a bit that others seem to ignore: you get a whole lot of info in the search result template.

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Order matters... at least with pathauto and taxonomy!

in drupal, taxonomy, pathauto

In most cases, when building a Drupal site I prefer to have a single content type, with nodes distributed in sections via a vocabulary. It then makes sense to use the term in the node aliased path -- unless you have multiple vocabularies.

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Drupal, Webmaster tools, and 403 errors after launch

in drupal, Google, error, htaccess

Or why the heck is Google bot refusing to look at my site, when everyone else browses through it just fine

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Block Visibility using PHP

in PHP, drupal, blocks

It has become quite the norm for clients to ask things that are not ready "out of the box". One of the most common is asking if a banner (usually an OpenX zone) can be displayed only in a site area, plus all nodes of a specific term / content type. To accomodate this, you need to delve into PHP visibility rules.

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Skroutz Drupal module

in PHP, drupal, Skroutz, Module

This is the second part of the Skroutz.gr pricing integration. It provides integration between the Skroutz API class and Drupal, so that it now becomes a simple matter of installing & configuring the module in order to use Skroutz.

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Galleria per content type

in PHP, drupal, Module, Galleria

Galleria is a popular image gallery module for Drupal 6, which leverages the jQuery Galleria module. It also integrates nicely with Lightbox, Imagecache, and jCarousel. Unfortunately, the publicly available version allows for only global settings, not allowing you to have, for example, a vertical jCarousel for one content type and an horizontal one for another. Hence, this hacked version.

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Twitter module while stuck with PHP 5.1.6

in Linux, PHP, twitter, drupal

Building a new site today assumes that everything social should come with the box -- not even in it. Within the first question a client asks is how this whole twitter-thing works, and how he can use it. Of course Drupal provides modules to integrate with these, but what if you're stuck on a host  "playing it safe" and sticking with PHP 5.1.6 ( that is, all RedHat, CentOS providers that won't use custom compiled packages )?

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