Cloud Zoom Alternative

in drupal, Module, jquery

A client needed the ability to easily zoom into images in place. That is, display a small image, and when hovering, zoom a part of the image. In that spirit, I found the freely available cloud zoom library. Though I did find a Drupal module for that, it only exposed a very limited amount of options that are available, and the dev version, which included more features, had bugs (hence the dev). This is my implementation, which (hopefully) will help people out.

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Skroutz Drupal module

in PHP, drupal, Skroutz, Module

This is the second part of the pricing integration. It provides integration between the Skroutz API class and Drupal, so that it now becomes a simple matter of installing & configuring the module in order to use Skroutz.

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Galleria per content type

in PHP, drupal, Module, Galleria

Galleria is a popular image gallery module for Drupal 6, which leverages the jQuery Galleria module. It also integrates nicely with Lightbox, Imagecache, and jCarousel. Unfortunately, the publicly available version allows for only global settings, not allowing you to have, for example, a vertical jCarousel for one content type and an horizontal one for another. Hence, this hacked version.

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