Upgrading Redmine to MariaDB

in Redmine, ruby, MySQL, centos

On a stock CentOS installation ( DB wise, ie MySQL 5.1 ) we decided to roll out MariaDB. And it was wonderful, as all our LAMP apps didn't even seem to notice that something has changed. Not the same could be said about Redmine though...

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Making Redmine play nice with Git

in Redmine, ruby, passenger, git, gitolite, plugins, scm

Delving into the world of version control while keeping tabs in an issue manager is wonderful - if you manage to actually set it up. I've enjoyed it for some time, and tried to replicate it in my own installation of Redmine - and thus started the hair pulling. 

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Rails Passenger Default User

in RoR, ruby, rails, phusion, passenger

I'm a big fan of Chiliproject, an open source fork of Redmine, a popular issue tracker. However, it is written in Ruby on Rails (RoR), which I am not very familiar with. During installation I got a number of file access errors, which led to the question -- what user do Passenger RoR apps actually run under?

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